The Power to Believe Workshop

Join empowerment and fitness experts Sara Goggin Young and Halle McCormick in this 11-week workshop held at Luxxe Honor, covering 11 life skills and paired movements to help our youth 

The Power to Believe Workshop

Empowering our youth by building a powerful sense of self

This pandemic has affected so many people on so many different levels. It has lead to devastating consequences. Teenage depression and suicide rate is skyrocketing, leaving us parents, coaches, and teachers to wonder what we can do?

Halle McCormick & Sara Goggin Young put our heads together and came up with a plan. We designed a program specifically for your tween/teen…..Pairing movement with lifetime mindset tools.

Each and every teen will develop a toolbox they can access for the rest of their life, filled with mindset skills to use when they feel a lack of control and out of alignment.

Pairing these skills with movement allows oneself to get out of their head and into their hearts. Each teen will start to operate on a level stripped of fear, letting go of feeling isolated, knowing they can change their mindset in an instance.

Developing a foundation based on Core Values, the teens will learn to trust themselves. The hand tailored workouts designed to pair with each mindset tool will strengthen their bodies, minds, & souls…

The Power To Believe Toolbox includes 11 LIfe Skills (each skill will be paired with a workout that relates to the skill). These mindset skills can be grouped together to create a one or multiple tailored workshop modules to fit your needs.

11 Life Skills Toolbox

We’ll teach you how to leverage 11 powerful life skills

Core Values



Guided Meditation

Distinguishing Between Your Ego & Essence




Morning Rituals


Vision Boards

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