Tap into your inner drive & abolish diet plans

Look & feel better than you have in years

Change negative thoughts & habits for good

There’s got to be a better way to be strong & healthy.

Bring forth your inner badass.

Have you lost your inner drive after years of focusing on everyone and everything else but yourself and what you really want?

Are you…

Tired of feeling chained to diet & exercise plans?
Living in a cycle of negative self-talk?
Frustrated trying to fix your health & wellness on your own?

Diet and exercise plans are old thinking and can be abolished for a new mindset that taps your inner drive.

You have inside yourself the Power To Believe™, and you can achieve anything…and that includes becoming your strongest, healthiest version of yourself.

Speaking & Events

Unlike any other events, you’ll be empowered to make changes. We’ll get you moving, not sitting. And you’ll feel the love.

Mindset Coaching

Retrain your brain and naturally see changes in your life. Be supported and challenged through coaching.

I understand the struggle!

Life is hard, and we all face challenges. But we can do hard things.

Over the past two decades, I’ve had many life challenges including 6 knee surgeries, gaining 50 pounds, addiction (sober since 2004!), and divorce.

I chose to quiet the external noise to work on myself. I started fueling myself with premium nutrition, strengthening my body through fitness, and shifting my internal dialogue to regain my Power To Believe™ in myself. And that led to believing I can achieve anything.

Now I am former attorney turned certified life coach.

Here’s how I help you get back your vibrant health


Book a call.

Let’s talk about your goals. Learn about fueling your mind for the strong and healthy body you want.


Liberate yourself.

Abolish old thinking and plans. Fuel your mind with new thoughts and enjoy natural, easy, healthy results.


Ignite your power.

Look and feel better than you have in years. Gain the Power To Believe™ and you can do anything.

About the Power to Believe™ Mindset

Mindset coaching for vibrant health is for you if…

You’re fed up with:

  • Diet & exercise plan ruling your life.
  • Concerning health markers (pre-diabetes, high cholesterol).
  • Standing on the sidelines watching others be active.
  • Not feeling comfortable in your clothes.
  • Ignoring the whisper within calling you to your best self.

And you’re ready for:

  • Crushing diet and exercise with your badass mindset.
  • A zest for life and feeling vibrant.
  • Tackling each day inspired and confident.
  • Feeling sexy and beautiful.
  • Becoming the woman you were meant to be.

What people are saying:

I have been working with Sara on nutrition and mindset coaching.

What I value most is her constant support, strength & positivity. Sara is honest, present, has realistic expectations & doesn’t sugarcoat anything…yet her genuine approach is nonthreatening and reassuring.

The benefits I’ve gained include physical strength & energy. She’s taught me “tools” (i.e. guided meditations, mantras, positive affirmations, breathe work) to apply all day/everyday to any emotion I’m experiencing that is not serving me.

Sara guided me through a complete change in mindset, which has allowed me to believe in myself and change my life.


My husband and I have been working with Sara for two years. We started working with her to get more energy and better nutrition.  As we started feeling healthier, we began to exercise more and make better overall life choices.

Sara has challenged me to look at my mindset and adjust what does not fit with my vision of who I want to be. She has helped me understand that, “Thoughts become words. Words become actions. Actions become habits. Habits become character. Character becomes your destiny.” This has been such an eye opener – we are who we say we are.

She has helped us not only take control of our nutrition, but also our lives. We are grateful.

Sarah and George

I am so thankful that Sara and I crossed paths. We met at a US masters swim meet and were on a relay together. The day I met her, I remember thinking to myself, “Who is this SPITFIRE?” Sara has a positive energy that is contagious.

Sara has helped me in the areas of nutrition, health, and fitness. I am an athlete, but back then I was feeling sluggish.

Sara has also been my accountability partner with my training. I check in with her periodically to keep myself motivated.

Thank you, Sara, for helping me to dream big and make things happen!

Leslie Jean

Liberate yourself from diet and exercise plans.
And gain the Power to Believe™ so you can achieve anything