Tap into your inner drive & abolish negative internal dialogue

Look, feel, and become better than you have in years

Empower your life by learning tools to achieve all your goals

You can do hard things, and I am here to help!

Bring forth your inner badass.

Life challenges us every day, and we put everyone and everything in front of taking care of ourselves.

Stop the cycle and learn the tools to get out of your head, connect within and empower your life.

Create an environment for yourself that allows you to connect to your true essence and make your goals your reality!

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Speaking & Events

Unlike any other events, you’ll be empowered to make changes. We’ll get you moving, not sitting. And you’ll feel the love.

Mindset Coaching

Learn the tools of the Power to Believe toolbox and implement them in your life, retrain your brain to step into your greatness.

I understand the struggle!

Sara is an intuitive life and health coach who aims to help individuals step into their power, reclaim their radiance, and live a life of fulfillment.

Through one-on-one life coaching, and her high-level mastermind “Power To Believe™”, she has helped her clients gain clarity on what they want in life, commit to healthy rituals that set them up for success, and let go of limiting beliefs that hold them back from their true potential.

She began coaching over 6 years ago, where she started in fitness and nutrition. Since then, Sara Goggin Young has helped hundreds transform their bodies, mind, and life.

Here’s how I help you step into your Power To Believe™


Book a call.

Let’s talk about your goals and what is holding you back. Learn about Power To Believe™ & decide if we are aligned


Liberate yourself.

Abolish negative internal negative dialogue. Learn and implement the Power to Believe™ toolbox and get ready to be amazed with your results!


Ignite your power.

Get out of your head, connect within, and empower your life! Use these same tools to overcome any obstacle, manifest and create a plan to achieve every goal, and live your best life!

About the Power to Believe™ Mindset

Power To Believe™ Mindset Coaching is for you if…

You’re fed up with:

  • Feeling stuck and filled with anxiety and overwhelm watching life pass you by,
  • Standing on the sidelines watching instead of living life, thinking about everything you want to accomplish
  • Feel distanced from what makes you feel like yourself
  • You constantly feel as if you set goals and never achieve
  • Ignoring the whisper within calling you to your best self.

And you’re ready for:

  • Implementing the tools that will help you overcome obstacles
  • Tackling each day feeling grateful, accomplished, motivated, inspired and confident
  • Feel sexy and beautiful
  • Taking action and achieving anything you want
  • Becoming the woman you were meant to be.

What people are saying:

“All I can say is WOW! My experience with Sara as a life coach has been truly AaaaMazing! When I first set out to work with Sarah I had a very specific goal in mind and I can say that my expectations were greatly exceeded.

I grew so much over the last quarter with new daily habits and techniques that have strengthened me to be a better and stronger person. Life has its many challenges and I have had no shortage of that over the last year. She not only taught me new techniques and tools, she would practice them with me, and check-in during the week to reinforce these learnings. I have gained a greater appreciation and gratitude for my strength, persistence and kindness.

Sara’s fresh perspective and support as a life coach is bar-none! I highly recommend anyone considering working with Sara as a Life Coach to take that first step to contact her. I am eternally grateful for how she has strengthened my confidence, resilience, and given me new tools to be the best version of ME!”


“I first met Sara Goggin Young about 6 years ago when she was at the beginning of her own crossroads. Over the past years, I’ve witnessed her personal and physical transformation from a distance and have been impressed with the positivity and sense of self she puts out to the community.

When Sara began coaching and so openly shared about how she had hit rock bottom, I was even more blown away. During the beginning of the Pandemic Lockdown in 2020, I listened to some of her “Vibing High” sessions early in the mornings and realized how differently her days started compared to most people I know.

It was this reason Sara came to my mind when our young adult daughter needed support…and man, is she different than she was 2 weeks ago!”


“Seeking out life coaching help me build relationships with my parents that I always thought were nonexistent

Another reason I am grateful for seeking out life coaching was when I was working with Sara, she found words to explain the emotions I was feeling, then she taught me how to work through them.

I am proud of myself for learning how to truly love and rely on myself, and I’m proud of accomplishing pushing myself through this trial even when times felt hard.

I am looking forward to implementing my Power to Believe tools into my life by continuing dropping into my core values when I feel a rise of emotions coming onto me.”


Liberate yourself from diet and exercise plans.
And gain the Power to Believe™ so you can achieve anything