Have Sara speak for your next event.

Stories of inspiration and a toolbox of techniques every audience will love.

From rock bottom to triumph

Sara Goggin Young is a speaker who shares her story of rising up from the ashes.

She tells you how to tap your inner drive and bring out your badass (we all have it!). She will challenge your audience to reach for their very best while teaching that self-acceptance is the most important gift you can give yourself.

Sara’s main topics include inspiration, leadership, and mindset.

If you want your audience to leave knowing they have the power to believe they can achieve anything, you’ll want to book Sara to speak at your next event.

Keynotes & Media

Stories of inspiration and a toolbox of techniques every audience will love.

The power to Believe

Belief is defined as complete and utter confidence in oneself. Learn the importance of self-worth, the “I AM STATEMENT,” and strategies for incorporating both into your daily life.

How to achieve vibrant health

Go about your daily activities with excitement and vigor. Fueling your body on a cellular level with macro and micro nutrients, as well as adaptogens, helps your body to thrive.

The power of mindset

No matter what challenge you face, you can condition your mindset to be a powerful tool. Explore strategies for empowering your perspective so you can be your most powerful self.

discover your core values

Your core values are values that define who you are and what you stand for. They are your center and your foundation. Knowing how to establish and nurture your core values are essential.

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The Power to Believe™
Vibrant Health
The Power of Mindset
Core Values

What People are Saying

As a high school social worker, I have seen students struggle with mental health, stress, and getting stuck in a negative mindset. When Sara spoke to the Fenwick Positivity Club, she blew me away and her inspiring story resonated with students. She empowered them to shift their mindsets and offered new coping skills such as breath, affirmations, and prayer. We practiced each skill and felt the effects immediately. My students took away multiple new skills from our time with Sara. I can’t wait to work with Sara again in the future!

Halle Winkler, MSW

Fenwick High School

The Power to Believe workshop was such a hit! In this day and age, we know mental, emotional, & physical health is plummeting for adolescents. Halle & Sara created a fabulous night for 30 high school girls to learn tools like prayer, breath, and affirmations. Sara shared her years of struggle and how she conquered through mindset tools – and that was extremely moving. I am thankful for Sara’s energy, vulnerability, and desire to impact the lives of teenagers. She empowers them to believe in themselves. Teenagers need this workshop now more than ever.

Allie Browning, Area Director

Young Life

Sara has a wonderful positive energy that spreads to others and brings it out of you. Her words are powerful.


She’s a Phoenix who rose from the ashes and totally rebuilt herself in body, mind, and spirit. Sara offers techniques on breathing and mind focus. She inspires!


It has taken me a long time through many hardships and challenges to be where I am today. Still learning and growing every day. Your message today really spoke to me.


Give your audience the Power to Believe™ and they can achieve anything